How to Classify Power Bank Stations? [4 Classification Methods]

Product Manager
May 9, 2024

How to classify power bank stations?

Here are 4 major methods to classify them:

Method 1: Classification based on placement methods.

Power bank stations can be classified into desktop power bank stations and power bank kiosks, based on different placement methods.

Method 2: Classification via station shapes.

Power bank stations can be divided into square stations and round stations, via distinct power bank station shapes.

Method 3: Classification according to slots.

Stations can be categorized as power bank stations with 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 48 slots respectively, according to slot quantity.

Method 4: Classification by station features.

Stations can be divided into stackable power bank stations vs integrated power bank stations, stations with vs without screen, stations with vs without breathing lights, stations with vs without waterproof function, as station features differ.

Since the introduction of the rental power bank station in 2015, it has become the first choice for people seeking outdoor emergent charging, thanks to its convenient “borrow and return at will” feature and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Till now, rental power bank stations have fully penetrated into our life. You can see various power bank stations here and there on streets and at stores’ entrances, so do you know how to classify power bank stations? Well, in this blog, we would introduce 4 classification methods for you.

classify power bank stations

Firstly, you can check the following table of contents to know the general structure of this article:

In general, we can classify power bank stations with the following 4 classification methods:

Part 1: Classify power bank stations by placement methods

According to different placement methods, we can divide rental power bank stations (Related reading: What is Power Bank Sharing? [Full Introduction] ) into 2 types: desktop power bank station and power bank kiosk.

1. Desktop power bank station

The power bank station placed on the desk is called as the desktop power bank station. Compared with the power bank kiosk, the desktop power bank station is relatively smaller, lighter, and has fewer slots.

desktop power bank station

2. Power bank kiosk

The power bank station placed on the ground is named as the power bank kiosk. It is relatively larger, heavier, and has more slots than the desktop power bank station.

24 slots power bank kiosk

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3. Application scenarios

Desktop power bank stations are generally placed at the entrances of small to medium-sized stores where the traffic is not so high. Therefore, choose desktop power bank stations, for one part, they are capable enough to carry the rental demand, for another, they don’t take up much space.

While power bank kiosks are typically placed at entrances of medium to large-sized supermarket, cinemas’ entrances, positions near the malls’ escalators, famous tourist attractions, stations… There are usually pretty high traffic and rental demand at these places. And some of these places are outdoor. As for desktop power bank stations, for one part, they can’t carry such huge rental demand with fewer slots, for another, they are not suitable for the outdoor placement due to their light weight.

Power Bank Station Typedesktop power bank stationpower bank kiosk
Application Scenariosentrances of small to medium-sized storesentrances of medium to large supermarkets, cinemas’ entrances, positions near the malls’ escalators, famous attractions, stations…

Part 2: Classify power bank stations rental based on shapes

According to distinct shapes, there are 2 power bank station classifications as follows:

1. Round power bank station

As the following image shows, the round power bank station is usually round, which looks smooth and gentle. It has a large range of applications and can be placed at all kinds of stores.

round power bank station

2. Square power bank station

As you can see on the following image, the square power bank station is usually rounded square, which looks more formal and is also suitable for various stores.

square power bank station

3. Application scenarios

Round and square power bank stations are only different in shape. You can place your preferred type at your cooperation venues.

Tips: you can put round power bank stations at stores full of round elements, square power bank stations at stores with more square elements, so as to match different store design styles.

Power Bank Station Typeround power bank stationpower bank kiosk
Application Scenariosall kinds of stores, especially stores full of round elementsvarious stores, especially stores with more square elements

Part 3: Divide power bank stations rental according to slot quantity

Power bank stations on the market are equipped with multiple slot quantity options. Take HeyCharge for example, we are a power bank sharing supplier with 7 years’ industry experience, and we mainly have the power bank stations with the following slot quantity:

power bank stations with different slots

You can deploy power bank stations with more slots to places with high traffic, such as stations, malls, cinemas’ entrances… to meet huge rental demand; power bank stations with fewer slots to places without so high traffic, such as entrances of various stores, because a few slots are already enough for the rental demand.

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Part 4: Categorize power bank stations via station features

As more and more companies are pouring into this power bank sharing industry, in order to win more users, they have been trying their best to upgrade rental power bank stations continuously. Therefore, power bank station types are more and more. Now let’s classify shared power bank stations according to different station features!

1. Stackable power bank station VS integrated power bank station

Stackable power bank station

As for the stackable power bank stations, their slot quantity can be adjusted flexibly. Every 4 slots form an independent part. You can add several slot parts if you need your stations to contain more slots, or remove some if you need fewer slots.

To add or remove slot parts, the station’s normal operation won’t be affected. You can adjust slots by yourself, very simple! Besides, other slot parts still work normally even if one slot part goes wrong, which not only left enough repair time but also won’t bother the business operation (you still have the income every day).

If you are ready to start shared power bank business, but just want to invest a small amount of money for the power bank rental market test at the beginning, and continue investing more if the former investment take good effects, this stackable power bank station is suitable for you.

You can deploy power bank stations with 4 slots first, then order slot parts based on your actual business operation condition, and add them to your former 4 slot power bank stations by yourself. No need to replace entire stations at all, so unnecessary wasted can be effectively avoided.

stackable vs integrated power bank station

Integrated power bank station

In terms of the integrated power bank station, the slot section is fixed and can’t be adjusted flexibly. The slot section are not independent, either. That is to say, the entire station will stop working once one slot is faulty.

Your power bank sharing business will keep the interruption state before that slot gets normal again, so this station with a fault slot can’t bring income for you during the business interruption period. And if your former stations contain insufficient slots, and you want more slots for your growing business, you can do nothing but order new entire stations, which costs more than the stackable power bank station does.

2. Power bank station with screen VS station without screen

The former station has an additional LCD screen(also called the liquid-crystal display) than the latter one. You can play your own brand promotion ads to enhance your brand awareness, display other merchants ads to increase income, show intended venues’ ads or service info to raise the success chances for successful cooperation negotiations…

power bank station with screen vs without screen

In addition, you can integrate some other functions to the screen, such as the order function, flight inquiry function, map function… to maximize the value of this power bank station in your power bank sharing business.

3. Power bank station with breathing lights VS station without breathing lights

Compared with stations without breathing lights, ones with breathing lights can emit colorful lights, attractive(especially when it is dim)! Therefore, if you want to attract more users, power bank stations with breathing lights would be a good choice undoubtedly.

power bank station with breathing light

Breathing lights on HeyCharge power banks alternately flashes with 4 colors, and they will turn to a fixed color which can prompt the battery power after grabbing power banks from station. Good-looking and useful. Very suitable to be put at dim places for better atmosphere, such as the bars, nightclubs… Want to try our stations with breathing lights? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us now~

4. Waterproof Power bank station VS non-waterproof station

Waterproof power bank station has an extra waterproof metal shell which can well protect the inner accessories. No fear for the heavy rain at all, suitable to be deployed outdoor.

waterproof power bank station

As for the stations without waterproof function, they are more suitable to be put indoor. And they are cheaper than the waterproof stations because they need less raw material.

5. Application scenarios

That is to say, stackable power bank stations and integrated power bank stations are suitable to be put at the entrances of various stores at small to medium size, stations with and without screens to be put at all kinds of places, stations with breathing lights to be put at dim places, and waterproof stations to be put at outdoor venues.

Station Typestackable stations & integrated stationsstations with & without screensstations with breathing lightswaterproof stations
Scenariosentrances of various stores at small to medium sizevarious placesvarious places, especially dim onesoutdoor places

Final Words

All in all, there are all kinds of rental power bank stations on the market. However, generally speaking, they belong to those types introduced in this blog. Having known how to classify power bank stations in this blog, you can choose suitable power bank stations based on your venues, business operations, etc., so as to obtain maximum benefits.

Well, if you don’t know how to choose, you can tap the following “Inquire Now” button to consult us directly, and we would offer you the most cost-effective plan for you~