power bank sharing admin system

Power Bank Sharing Admin System

Manage Your Growing Business Easily

Make your power bank rental business work with a powerful back office management suite.


View key metrics at a glance.

View key metrics at a glance, dig more deeply for more insights, and slice | dice your data‚ all in one place.

overview on power bank sharing admin system


Monitor devices' comprehensive information and manage remotely.

In this power bank sharing admin system, you can monitor detailed information about both the power bank stations and the power banks themselves, including network connectivity, power level, power bank temperature, slot availability, power bank condition, battery health (SoH), and cable status, among other features.

Besides, you can manage these devices remotely. For example, to eject (pop up) a power bank, to inhibit popping up a power bank, to cut off the power of a slot, and so on.

station status monitor


Notify abnormal situations in real time and let you handle them timely.

Monitor and notify which cabinets (stations) are abnormal, where additional batteries (power banks) are required, where a rental has failed, etc. Then you can take immediate actions.

abnormality notification from HeyCharge power bank sharing admin system


Distill valuable commercial insights from user data.

HeyCharge sharing power bank admin system collects all user data automatically, such as phone types, payment methods, locations where the power bank is rented and returned, and historical behaviors, etc.

Then it converts those user data and interactions into actionable insights to help you attract more customers and increase rental conversion rates.

user management


Guide your placement strategies.

HeyCharge sharing power bank admin system gathers all your location partner data such as key contact persons, locations and past performances, to let you know where, when and how your venue partners have used your devices; and provides you with insights into venue performances to help you optimize your site selections.

venue and operation data


Help to solve order issues and increase customer trust.

HeyCharge all-in-one admin system records all rental-related information such as rental time, locations, cabinets (stations), and battery(power bank) ID; return time, locations (venues), cabinets, etc. These details make it easy to resolve some issues like order refund and cancellation.

order details


Adjust your pricing strategies easily with flexible price configuration engine.

You can establish time-based like hourly price, price per 30 minutes, for different venues; or other pricing structures(eg. tiered prices). Additionally, you can also set monthly and annual subscription prices.

set price flexibly on power bank sharing admin system


Attract new customers and increase repeat rental rates.

Personalized coupons

Send personalized coupon codes via the coupon function of HeyCharge power bank sharing admin system to attract, convert, and retain customers.

personalized coupons

Referral programs

Help your power bank rental business grows exponentially and customer acquisition costs lower with referral programs.

referral programs setting

Loyalty programs

Turn new customers into advocates and reduce the customer turnover, by encouraging them to earn points in any activities (from rentals to problems and referrals reporting).

earn points


Scale your power bank sharing business.

The built-in franchise system helps you set up a streamlined way to track referrals and share revenue, so as to speed up scaling your business.

Scale your power bank sharing business


Boost your revenue and provide advertising value for your venue partners.

You can manage the screen advertisements for each stations remotely and in batch, as well as advertisements in client app easily.

manage ads


Discover your next step with 30+ reports and granular analysis.

Our big-data analytics distills valuable commercial insights from consumers, devices, orders and other data; which helps you make precise judgement about venue selection, hardware management, user management, price strategy and promotion, among others. Then you can refine your operations to make your business grow faster.


Simplify the management of your business.

Numerous roles are available in HeyCharge admin system, including administrators, customer service staff, business personnel, franchisees, venue owners, and more.

You can add multiple admin users and modify their role permissions so that admin users (except administrators) can only see the stations, orders, revenues and functions related to their part.

assign athorities for different admin users