100% Light Your Success in Power Bank Sharing Business

HeyCharge is the ultimate partner for your shared power bank rental business to start and thrive. Use customized HeyCharge hardware and software for extraordinary customer experience and business growth.

Start from one station!

HeyCharge power bank sharing


Work with stations trusted by international brands

OEM/ODM supported. Reliable, 0 maintenance, and user-friendly.


Attract more rentals with
users' favorite client solutions

We customize your user-friendly native app, webapp, mini program, chatbot, and card reader for different scenes to lower barriers to use the service and improve user experience.

  • App

  • Webapp

  • POS


Manage your business easily

  • Oversee Your Operations

    Manage power bank stations and batteries (power banks), set flexible prices, and track rental orders and payments - all in one place, so you can focus on building your business.

  • Insight in Real Time and Take Action

    Monitor in real time which cabinets (stations) are abnormal, where more batteries are needed, which users may need help, etc., and take action.

  • Be Data-driven

    Turn user data and user interactions into useful insights to help you attract more users, increase rental conversion rates, and boost hardware rental productivity.


Launch and grow power bank rental business effortlessly

Partner with HeyCharge to get our complete service that helps you prepare, launch and win the power bank sharing business easily. With our support, one person alone can run the power bank rental business successfully.


Here's how HeyCharge has become the world's leading provider for phone charger rental solutions

HeyCharge power bank sharing business around the world
  • Hundreds
    of international partners

  • 700,000+

  • 1,500,000
    Maximum daily orders

  • 60%
    of total China OEM market

  • Advanced technology

    We innovatively use a series of hardware and software technologies to achieve the best user experience and operational efficiency.

    Our hardware management technology achieves maximized rental successful ratios and ensures seamless rental experience; supports monitoring and managing devices in real-time, so as to improve asset utilization and security, and minimizes loss and operational costs.

  • Factory productivity

    Our shared power bank hardware factory has more than 7 years experience in battery and power bank station assembly and production, as well as quality inspection.

    We have UV printers, laser engraving equipment, and other automated production equipment.

    Therefore, we can meet various customized needs of customers and deliver fast.

  • Great team

    Our team has over 7 years experience in the power bank sharing industry.

    We know how to improve our hardware and software products to meet operational needs, and what kind of products can enable customers to win in competitions.

    Additionally, all our technical and sales teams speak fluent English and are responsive to our customers.


"I would like to recommend HeyCharge as a great supplier "

HeyCharge Partner Charles

We did get in contact with many suppliers offering a similar service and we must admit HeyCharge was of the highest quality. They are quick to answer our questions and offer a superior product to the other competitors.

They are also truthful in their response and will not give you the nonsense that many other suppliers try to tell you to get your money.

You can trust the team of HeyCharge. We are glad to have chosen them as our partners.

Charles CEO


We have to admit that we were impressed with HeyCharge's professionalism

HeyCharge Client Ardan

We contacted several vendors and compared different products.

Heycharge's hardware and software are the best we have encountered, and their services are also the most professional and timely. We are very grateful to them for helping us start our business and make money in such a short time.

Ardan CEO


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