Is Power Bank Sharing Business Profitable? [Solved]

Market Researcher
April 30, 2024

Is power bank sharing business profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. Here are several reasons below:

1. Smart phone users are more and more, and they have huge outdoor emergent charging demand. Shared power banks will be their first choice when they forget to take a personal power bank with them.

2. Many companies take the wait-and-see attitude on the power bank sharing business, so there are few competitors in this market.

3. Power bank station companies can save much labor cost and time cost, less investment for long term repeated profits.

4. Companies can earn the cost back quickly with the help of good power bank rental business plan.

5. Companies will never need to worry about the cash flow because they can withdraw cash if only there is balance in their accounts.

As some companies begin to try their power bank sharing business, many other company operators noticed this phenomenon and may have such questions in their mind when they get interested in it and are hesitating whether to start this business or not: “May I make money via it? Is it worth a try? How much need to be invested on this business? How to make this business profitable? …”

profitable power bank sharing business

First of all, merchants can make money via this power bank sharing business absolutely. In this blog, we would introduce 5 main reasons why this power bank sharing business is profitable.

Now you can have a look at the table of contents below to know the 5 reasons why this business is profitable, then click the reason you have interests in (perhaps its environment value) to start the quick reading:

In fact, only if there is a market demand then the supply makes sense so as to earn money. Firstly, let’s discuss how the market demand for the power bank sharing is like together!

Reason 1: Huge market demand for power bank sharingHOT

There is a huge market for the power bank sharing, indeed. And we can know why from the following 3 aspects:

Concept 1: Good assistant for outdoor emergency charging – shared power bank

There is no doubt that consumers have the huge potential demand for the power bank rental. Let’s imagine, what if people’s mobile phones are run out of power outdoor but take no personal power banks with them? To buy a new personal power? Of course, they can buy a new one once, twice, for 3 times, but if it is over 3 times, is it still really necessary to purchase a new one?

phone power is running out

The answer might be “No” in many people’s mind, these people may tend to rent a power bank because renting one at the lower price is a more cost-effective choice. What’s more, they never need to take a personal power bank with them, which makes their luggage heavier, any longer!

Rent power banks at one venue, and return them at the same one or any other venue under the power bank sharing network, which makes it possible to realize “charge on the go” lifestyle. So convenient!

These people who love such lifestyle are the target users to the power bank sharing business. As time goes by, mobile payment industry develops, and the smart phone users are more and more, people who need the emergent charging outdoor soars, and the target users increase, too.

Hence, the market demand is huge and just has not yet reached its full potential (we can see this phenomenon at Reason 2). If only lay out around those target users from now on, and enter their life gradually. Once their power bank renting habits formed, you will be their first choice.

You successfully took the preemptive opportunity at your market, which means the latter comers are hard to beat you even if they recognize the profitability of this power bank sharing business.

Want to start this business now? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to get in touch with us, and perhaps we could give you some good advice about how to start your shared power bank business.

Concept 2: Environment guardian – sharing power bank

In fact, every additional power bank rental business run, at least hundreds of abandoned power banks decreased, so that environment burden will be reduced. Today, we are at the times of energy shortage and worse and worse environment. It is our responsibilities to guard our earth!

If there is a business which can not only help you make profits, but also do goodness to the resources saving and environment protection, this business is valuable in both business itself and humanity. It is meant to receive supports from global consumers sooner or later. And the sharing power bank business is such a business!

HeyCharge, a member of our earth, not only hope to take convenience to people in need of emergent charging outdoor, but also want to devote for the environment protection so as to make this business meaningful.

sharing power bank helps to protect environment

In a word, decreasing abandoned power banks because of our power bank sharing business are also our success! Want to join this environment guardian action and make some money by the way? Click the “Inquire Now” button below to start your business now~

Concept 3: Promoter of economic activities – portable charger rental

As we have mentioned at concept 1 that the development of the payment industry makes people hard to take a bus, do shopping, having meals outdoor normally without smart phones, so the smart phones increased.

On the contrary, the increasing smart phones can also make the mobile payment industry grow faster and faster so as to promote further economic growth. After all, electric payment is far more convenient than traditional cash payment, and the transaction failure because of insufficient cash with consumers themselves will not happen.

insufficient cash

Nowadays, the main obstacle to the transaction is that the phone power is run out, and can’t take the payment action. And this problem can be solved by portable chargers rental.

With the portable charger rental, consumers can charge on the go, and never worry about the inconvenience caused by the drained batteries. Then the economic activities can proceed orderly.

In order to promote the economy, countries around the world may introduce friendly economic policies to this power bank sharing business. With the support from the country, making profits from this business would be easier! Want to try this business, too? Tap the following “Inquire Now” button to know more details now!

Till now, we have known that this business has such huge market demand, so how about the competitors. As we all know, if the competitors are too many and too powerful, there is few chances to make profits.

Reason 2: Power bank sharing business belongs to the unexplored new market areas

Let’s explore the market condition of this power bank rental business now~

1. People in many countries haven’t been familiar with the power bank sharing

If you have done a survey on the power bank rental market, you will find that the power bank sharing business has not been laid out densely over the world. And many people even don’t know what the rental power bank is, because they have never seen or even heard of it before. It is completely a new concept.

see power bank rental at mall

People have natural curiosity for new things, and have that urge to have a try. So even if your shared power bank station hardware and software are not perfect at first just good, only if your service is pretty, you are able to win a lot of users.

2. Few competitors for power bank sharing business

Shared power banks not having been popularized means many people haven’t found this business chance yet. In other words, your competitors are not many, and their strengths are likely not to be so powerful.

If you enter this shared power bank market early, you may take up the large market share at the least cost. It is worth a try, isn’t it? Click the “Inquire Now” button as follows to start your business now~

There are enough market demand and few competitors for power bank sharing business, then how about the investment required? Continue reading, and you will know the answer.

Reason 3: Low investment in power bank sharing business and repeatable profit

Generally speaking, investments include the labor cost, time cost, capital cost, technique cost, production cost and so on. Let’s analyze these costs together!

1. A vending machine – no need a salesperson

As we know, the power bank station is also a vending machine. There is no need to hire a salesperson for the manual renting and money collection process.

Users can easily follow renting tips on the power bank App to complete the rent independently step by step. The payment will be deducted from their bank card automatically when they return the power banks. Much labor cost and time cost saved!

2. Repeated rent – no need continuous restocking

Actually, the power bank vending machine is different from other vending machines that the power bank vending machine sells the power banks’ using rights of the unit time rather than their ownership. That is to say, one same power bank can be bought the using right repeatedly, which means that other vending machines need continuous restocking while the power bank station doesn’t. Then the long-term restocking cost, also the capital cost, are saved.

restock for vending machine

Therefore, the power bank sharing business requires less investment compared to many other business. Costs are lower, but profits will be more. Great! Besides, the eventual profits are also affected by the power bank rental business plan except the investment. Let’s check that together!

Reason 4: Rapid cost earned back from good power bank rental business plan

Having good products and good services is a foundational step, you also need good business strategies to let your products and service known and accepted by your target users instantly.

Similarly, if you want your power banks on rent to be found and rent repeatedly by your target consumers, a good power bank rental business plan is essential. Here are 3 key points which can contribute to making your plan a good one and help you earn your cost back rapidly as follows:

Point 1: Attractive power bank station appearance and functions

For one thing, human beings love beautiful things, it is the nature, so good-looking power bank stations can grab people’s attention immediately and attract them to have a try; for another, people prefer cost-effective products, it is the instinct, so multifunctional power bank stations are meant to be more popular when other conditions are similar.

So you can choose the good designed power bank stations and its portable power banks contained. For example, sharing power banks with LCD ads screen, and power banks supporting multiple charging methods and compatible for various device models, are both good choices.

power bank stations with LCD ads screen

By the way, shared power banks which show the remaining power with flashing LED lights in different colors can also be taken into consideration, because they look fashionable and interesting. Are you interested in those featured power bank stations mentioned above? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to ask us for more details now!

Point 2: Clever venue layout and type

You may observe a phenomenon that the economy is more booming at the places where there is a lot of traffic. Why? Because there are demands only if there are people, then transactions occur.  

At some degree, the more traffic there is, the easier the business is. Therefore, only if lay out your venues at the crowded places, your target users are more likely to find and pay for your products & services.

Find the crowded areas such as the famous tourist attractions, malls, cinemas, amusement parks, bustling commercial streets, choose the spots with the most traffic as your shared power bank venues, like the entrance of the cinema, the most popular stores or the corner near the escalator at the malls, the shop entrance at the tourist attractions… Besides, you can choose the stores whose working time is longer, like the 24-hour stores. And you would witness the great effect!

suitable shared power bank venues

Point 3: Reasonable price strategy

Reasonable price is also the reason why users choose your power bank sharing service rather than others’. For example, you can leave some time ( 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour…) for users to try your power bank sharing service then decide whether to pay for it or not. I believe that you never need to worry about being tested by users if your products and services good.

Here is a tip that you’d better not set the renting price too high, or many customers will not consider your service any longer. To let your power banks sharing business run better and longer, the secret is the repeated rent (then the mutual benefits between shared power bank companies and users can be realized) rather than getting as much profits as you can from your users once.

Well, you may have known how important it is to make a good power bank rental business plan if you hope your power bank sharing business to be profitable till now. If you want to know more details about the business plan, you can directly click the following “Inquire Now” button to consult us.

Reason 5: No account period, cash flow guaranteed

We know that the cash flow counts in the business operation, and the company may even go bankrupt if the enough cash flow can’t be promised. Well, if you choose this power bank rental business, you will not have this trouble. Why? You will know the reasons at this part.

1. Payment is automatically deducted, no delay

When the user returns the power bank to the power bank station, the payment will be deducted from their bank card bound to his/her account after the success return automatically. Merchants don’t need to dun the payment or worry about that the money can’t be back. Excellent, isn’t it?

2. Support cash withdrawal at any time, promise enough cash flow for merchants

The merchants can withdraw the cash from their accounts if only there is balance, and use these cash for their business’ turning over. Obviously, your power bank business can be one of the major sources for your cash flow in the future if you start the layout from now on. Attractive, isn’t it?

FAQs about power bank sharing business

Q1: What is the power bank rental industry?

The power bank rental industry refers to the whole industry chain of power bank sharing business. It is composed of the power bank station factories, brand power bank sharing companies, shared power bank agents, power bank venues, and portable power bank renting consumers.

Q2: Can you rent power banks?

Yes, I can. Take HeyCharge power bank station for example, here are the simple steps below:

Step 1: Search “HeyCharge” at your App Store or Google Play on my mobile phone and download the App.

Step 2: Register and log in.

Step 3: Enter the venue map interface and search for the nearest venue, and get there.

Step 4: Scan the QR code on the power bank station with the scanning function of the App, and the power bank will be popped up, take it and the renting is successful.

Step 5: If you want to return the power bank, just find the power bank station near you with the App, insert it into the blank slot, then the power bank is successfully returned.


All in all, the power bank sharing business has the huge market demand, few competitions, low investment & repeated profit, rapid cost earned back, and guaranteed cash flow. All these has proven that it is profitable and it’s the best time to start it now. Can’t wait to have a try?

Shenzhen Mass-energy Equation Technology, a specialized rental power bank supplier who always practices its slogan “100% Light Your Success in Power Bank Sharing Business” firmly since found in 2017, will help you enter this market and occupy a position as soon as possible with our qualified power bank station equipment, good-using software, and powerful technique support. Tap the following “Inquire Now” button to start our cooperation now~