What is Power Bank Sharing? [Full Introduction]

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April 29, 2024

What is power bank sharing?

Power bank sharing is the machine which automatically rents idle portable power banks in the combined online and offline trading way.

Power banks, which are rented and returned by users from and to a random power bank station at any one offline outlet within a certain range, flow freely within which range formed a sharing network.

Within this sharing network, the using rights (during the renting period) of each portable power banks in the power bank stations at all outlets can be owned by anyone who rents them according to the formal online rental process.

Via power banks sharing, power bank sharing companies can make profits while users can solve their emergent power charging demand. Wonderful!

Have you ever heard of the sharing economy? The shared bicycles, shared electric vehicles, shared scooters, shared offices, shared logistics… we see all belong to it, and so does the power bank sharing.

As time goes by, to rent a power bank sharing for device charging, such as mobile phone, tablets, earphones, etc., has gradually become the primary choice for people in urgent outdoor situations. After all, renting a power bank costs much less than purchasing one. It’s a straightforward and economical choice!

rent a power bank sharing

In this blog, we would explore what power bank sharing is, how it comes into our lives, its using methods, managing methods, and the effects it has brought together!

Firstly, you can refer to the following table of contents to know the overall structure of this blog, and directly click the corresponding part to jump to the target part you have interests in.

Part 1: What is Power Bank Sharing and What is It Composed of?

Now let’s figure out what power bank sharing is!

1. Power Bank Sharing Definition

The power bank sharing (also called as the power bank rental, shared power bank, rental power bank station, etc.), an application of sharing economy, is the power bank rental machine which automatically rents idle portable power banks through a combined online and offline trading way.

Shared power bank companies strategically put the power bank station hardware at some public locations (like subway stations, parks, train stations… ) and commercial establishments (including malls, restaurants, bars, barber shops, beauty salons…) in some density. And these places serve as offline venues. A user can rent a power bank at one venue, then return it to the same one or any other rental power bank station at the same venue, or any power bank station at any other venue.

Power banks, which circulate freely among these offline venues because of users’ rental and return, connect these venues as an interconnected supply and demand network. Within this network coverage, users have the flexibility to rent a power bank at any venue, and return it either at the same venue or any other venue.

Sharing means the sharing of information and using right. Users have the ability to check the real-time status of power banks rent or returned at all venues, and they obtain the using right of the portable power bank rental during the renting period after renting one, while the ownership remains with the merchant.

The emergence and popularization of power bank rental stations not only cater to users’ outdoor emergency power demand but also contribute to the increasing using rate of power banks in case of the resource waste resulting from idle objects.

Moreover, with the shared portable charger, the smart phone is less likely to get powered off for the lack of power charging in time, so there will be no trouble with the online payment, which may positively contribute to the economy growth to some extent.

online payment

Now we have known what the power bank rental is, then do you know how many parts it concludes and how each part takes effects? Continue reading, and you will get the answer! Or you can directly ask us to make an introduction for you by tapping the “Inquire Now” button below:

2. 5 Parts of Shared Power Bank and Their Functions

Generally speaking, the shared power bank is composed of 5 parts: the power bank station, portable power banks, power bank client solutions, the admin system for merchants, and the server.

Among them, the power bank station and portable power banks belong to the rental power bank hardware, while the remaining 2 parts are the power bank software except the server, and you can explore their distinct functions as follows:

Power bank station – the power bank cabinet which gathers separate power banks and automatically rent them. It can detect and charge the power banks, as well as control their rental or return.

Power bank – the mobile battery for users to charge their electric devices when their devices’ batteries are running out outdoor, at which time, they lack access to AC charging conditions.

power bank sharing system

Client solutions– there are 5 client solutions available: the user App, webapp, mini program, chatbot, and card reader. Users can access the venue map page at their chosen client solution system, locate all venues with idle power banks instantly, and choose the closest venue, get here and rent a power bank to charge their electric devices.

Admin system – an all-in-one management system for merchants to set parameters and monitor the status of shared power banks, including the machine status, renting and return status, income status, etc., at all venues on this admin system. And merchants can adjust their operation strategies to raise profits according to the statistics.

Server – the core part of the entire power bank sharing system. It serves as the central hub for the data storage and processing.

Now that we have figured out the power bank sharing composition and functions of each parts, it’s time to try it!

Part 2: How to Use Power Bank Sharing?(4 Steps)HOT

In the power bank rental market, nearly all renting processes are similar. Therefore, we can take HeyCharge power bank rental for example. Here are simple 4 steps to rent a portable power bank from the power bank station and return it below:

Step 1: Scan the QR code.

Find a power bank vending machine, scan the QR code on the power bank station with your smart phone’s camera function. The camera will auto recognize the link and you can click that link to enter the website.

Step 2: Log in and band a bank card.

Log in with your phone number, Google account, or Apple ID. Then bind a bank card (visa or master card), or bind your 3rd party payment account.

power bank sharing renting steps

Step 3: Unlock a power bank.

Tap the “unlock a charger” button to navigate to the Charging Rates page where you can review the pricing. Next, click the “confirm” button to pop up a power bank. Then, the system starts to billing.

Step 4: Return a power bank.

Insert the power bank back to the empty slot, then the system will stop billing and deduct the charge automatically. The return is successful.

The renting and returning method mentioned above is suitable for our webapp client solution. If you want more functions (eg. venue map function) or other versions, you can check our other client solutions including the user App, mini program, chatbot, and card reader on our client solutions page

HeyCharge is a sharing power bank brand created by Shenzhen EMCC Technology Co., Ltd, a specialized power bank charging station supplier in China who has won good reputation worldwide, because of good rental power bank hardware & software, and professional service.

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As you can see, the application sharing power banks is becoming wider and wider in people’s daily life, so how did it happen? Well, we could know why at the next part.

Part 3: Why Power Bank Sharing Occurred in Our Lives?

Actually, here are 2 main reasons why the power bank rental came into our lives:

Reason 1: Outdoor Charging Demand Increased Rapidly

As the smartphones and mobile payment are popularized around the whole world, people will get in trouble with the having meals, transportation, shopping, and even unlocking the door, if the mobile phone power is run out.

low battery

However, people can’t promise that their mobile phones have been fully charged before they go out, or they always remember to carry a personal power bank with themselves. Besides, it seems unnecessary to buy a new power bank every time when they need an emergent charging, so to rent a power bank is a good choice sometimes!

Reason 2: Many Companies Start Power Bank Rental Business

As time goes by, the profits the shared power bank companies who entered this industry earlier have gotten, has answered the question “is power bank rental business profitable?“. Having seen this huge market demand and potential profits, more and more companies decide to seize this business chance and start their power bank rental business. So you can see more and more power banks sharing appeared around us gradually these years.

In a word, people need to rent power banks, and there are many phone charger vending machines around them, then this shared power bank market grows more and more rapidly. Sharing power banks not only have met immediate needs for outdoor emergency charging and complied with the market demand, but also made mobile payment work normally so that the market transactions go orderly.

What’s more, their presence has contributed to the reduction in abandoned power banks, which plays a significant role in resource conservation and environment protection.

If you want to start this power bank sharing business, too, you can directly reach out to us for more details by tapping the following “Inquire Now” button. We’re here to help~

Till now, we have known what power bank sharing is, how to use it, and the meaning of its existence. You may have some other questions about shared power bank stations, and be interested in the FAQs collected at Part 4.

Part 4: FAQs about Shared Power Banks

Q1: Is power bank sharing / rental a thing in your country? If so do you know any providers?

It is a topic launched on reddit. It seems that it is a new concept and many people haven’t heard of it. But in China, yes, I can see power banks sharing here and there. For example, the stores on the commercial streets, tourist attractions, malls, stations, hotels… Renting a power bank from the power bank station seems to have been a habit for people in need of urgent phone charging outdoor. As for the providers, I have heard of some, like Heycharge, bajie, relink, stw…

Q2: How does a power bank sharing kiosk work?

As we have seen at the part 1, 5 Parts of Shared Power Bank and Their Functions, power bank sharing works under the collaboration of 5 parts. You can check the whole working process as follows:

Step 1: Locate and register.

The user finds a power bank sharing kiosk, scan the QR code on the kiosk with your phone camera App, enters the user system interface, register an account and bind a credit card.

Step 2: Unlock a power bank.

The user confirms “Unlock a power bank” according to the auto operation tips, then the server will receive the “unlock a power bank” instruction, check the stored data to find the power banks available to rent and choose a random one to permit it to be rented.

Step 3: Pop up a power bank.

The power bank station gets the renting permission from the server, executes this command, and pops up a power bank. The user can grab that power bank and the renting process is completed.

Step 4: Charging and return.

When the user finished charging, he/she can search for a near venue available to be returned the power bank on the venue map shown by the user system interface. Get here and insert the power bank into a blank slot on this station, then the password locker will lock the power bank, indicating successfully return. The station will let out a prompt sound and send this success return message to the server, then the server will update the data.

Q3: Does the shared power bank device fit for schools, and why?

From the economy point of view, shared power bank devices fit for schools because here are many students and teachers at schools (especially at the universities) who have a lot of emergent charging demand. Suppliers can make profits if they put the power bank stations at schools, and both students and teachers’ urgent charging demand can be well satisfied.

However, from the education point of view, shared power banks don’t fit for schools because the main task for students is studying rather than playing with their mobile phones. If there are so many power bank stations at schools, and students’ phones are always fully charged, the risk of letting students get addicted to mobile phones rises, which may disorder the normal teaching rules.

In summary, shared power banks can bring both advantages and disadvantages to schools. So to balance them, suppliers can put a few shared power bank stations at schools but not many, to meet the urgent charging demand sometimes. Meanwhile, the power bank sharing devices are electric equipment after all, so they should be strictly tested and confirmed safe enough before they are put at schools.


In conclusion, you may have already known power bank sharing at some degree, including its definition, composition, using methods, meaning, and so on. Are you curious about more details? Do you want to start your power bank rental business? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to start your exploration journey now~