How to Find Power bank Station Suppliers? [Solved]

Operation Manager
May 9, 2024

How to find power bank station supplier?

Here are 3 main steps:

Step 1: Get known of conditions of power bank sharing industry and yourselves.

Step 2: Search power bank station suppliers online/offline and make a power bank station supplier analyzing list.

Step 3: Further screen the supplier analyzing list based on the industry and your own conditions, then determine the final cooperation plan.

As the power bank sharing industry rises, more and more entrepreneurs are focusing on this industry and decide to join it. However, as we know, powerful supply chains are essential whichever business you want to run well. If you don’t want to produce products by yourselves, it’s necessary to find reliable power bank station suppliers.

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find power bank station supplier

Then, how to find power bank station suppliers? In this blog, we would make a discussion in details. Firstly, you can read the following table of contents to know the general content of this article:

Generally speaking, you can make more beneficial plans to yourselves only if you know the power bank rental market and your own conditions clearly. Next, you can make some preparations so as to make sure what kinds of suppliers to search for.

Part 1: Make sure what kinds of suppliers you need and make cooperation plans.

To make clear it, you need to know the industry conditions first, then make comprehensive analyses combing your own conditions, finally make cooperation plans.

1. Do a survey on power bank sharing industry.

To know industry conditions also includes conditions of competitors and suppliers on the market, except the product knowledge(eg. What is Power Bank Sharing? [Full Introduction]).

To know major competitors’ conditions, including their products’ appearances, functions, features, prices, services, business operations…

Advantages: you can know competitive products on the market.

To know main suppliers on the market by online and offline means, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, and make a supplier analyzing list.

Advantages: you can know detailed supply channels.

2. Analyze your own conditions.

Having known market conditions and what kinds of power bank stations and services are more competitive, you also need to make analyses with your actual conditions, including how much start-up capital you have, how about personnel conditions, whether you have resources and contacts or not…

analyze your own conditions

If you have enough initial capital, powerful software teams and the design teams, just selecting a supplier with powerful hardware strength from your listed supplier analyzing list before is okay.

If your start-up capital and personnel are not enough, it may be better to pick a a one-stop power bank sharing solution supplier which can offer you both hardware and software, and even necessary business training; or you can choose a supplier to customize hardware for you and another software service company to take your software outsource task.

3. Determine cooperation plans.

We know that cooperation plans which fully combined the market and your own conditions are more reasonable, feasible, and profitable.

To combine your own resources and venues’ features.

If you have resources and contacts, for example, you have many offline store store resources, you have been doing the vending machine business, or you have the business with restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, stations… then it would be easy to arrange venues for power bank stations.

It means that there will be no problem for your business if your charging machines and software are ready. Next, you just need to determine power bank station types you are going to customize and software requirements, according to venues’ features including the environment, traffic, crowd features… then choose the corresponding suppliers from your supplier analyzing list.

For example, if your arranged venues are places which need dim lights to heighten the atmosphere, like bars and nightclubs, charging stations with lights might be more suitable, because they are obvious in the dark and can be discovered easily by your potential users.

HeyCharge is a good choice!HOT

Well, if you don’t have any resources and contacts, your venues’ cooperations are for the first time, you don’t know their detailed traffic and which type of station to deploy, either, you can choose stackable stations.

At the beginning of your business, you can deploy stackable power bank stations with a few slots, when you earn more, you can order the slot parts, and add more slots to your former stations.

stackable power bank stations

HeyCharge stackable power bank stations are not only stackable, but also equipped with breathing lights. It will be suitable even if you put them in the dim environment. Besides, there is the built-in magnet at the back of the power bank, which can absorb its charging cables. Even if you return it into the station directly without putting back cables after using, cables won’t be stuck in the slot. Such a useful tool for lazy “us” !

Therefore, add HeyCharge to your supplier analyzing list will absolutely a good choice! Tap the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us now~

Till now, you probably have known which kinds of power bank station suppliers are suitable for you, how to make the further screening on your listed supplier analyzing list via the market and your own conditions. Here comes a question, how to search power bank station suppliers so as to finish your supplier analyzing list smoothly? Generally, here are online and offline searching means.

Part 2: Find power bank station suppliers online

In general, here are 3 major online searching means:

1. Search power bank station industry keywords on Google search engine.

According to incomplete statistics, over 90% netizens around the world are used to searching information via searching engines. And the Google searching engine has always been dominating various searching engines all these years, and won wide praises.

searching engines

Market share of leading desktop search engines worldwide from January 2015 to July 2023——report from Statista

So it’s undoubtedly a reliable means of entering power bank sharing industry keywords into the Google searching engine to search for power bank rental suppliers.

Advantages: you can find massive suppliers.

Disadvantages: so many searching results, among which there are various merchants including wholesale merchants and retail merchants, as well as some irrelevant items sometimes, will appear; which may take you much time and energy to take the screening one by one.

2. Search power bank rental industry keywords on famous B2B wholesale platforms.

In your local country, there may be some known B2B wholesale platforms. Of course, there are also some famous ones all over the world, including the Alibaba, Global Sources, ThomasNet, Made-in-China, DHgate, Kompass, Thomas… You can enter power bank shared industry keywors into these platforms to search and compare suppliers.

Advantages: you can find a larger number of suppliers, and do the one-click screening from such dimensions as the industry category and the supplier scale. So convenient!

Disadvantages: you need to analyze suppliers one by one, which cost much time.

3. Ask netizens for help on social media platforms.

As the following column chart shows, there are 5.3 billion netizens around the world, among which there are 4.95 billion social media users, which takes up about 93.4% of the total amount of netizens.

It means that massive active users share various information on social medias every day, and you are likely to find answers to your questions or come across users who would like to help you with your problems.

Advantages: you are likely to get the ready-made supplier analyzing list from social media users for reference, which greatly reduced the workload for supplier searching.

Disadvantages: some industries are new or unpopular, people who know much about those industries are not many, among whom people who are willing to share info on social medias are fewer, it would be possible not to find answers.

internet and social media users worldwide

Number of internet and social media users worldwide as of October 2023(in billions)——report from Statista

most popular social networks worldwide

Most popular social networks worldwide as of October 2023, ranked by number of monthly active users(in millions)——report from Statista

You can search power bank station suppliers by entering power bank station industry keywords into such platforms as searching engines, B2B wholesale supplier platforms, social medias… Basically speaking, whichever platform you pick, you need to carefully filter and compare suppliers’ information.

Well, if you don’t want to spend too much energy on it, you can also tap the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us directly.

We are a professional supplier with 7 years’ industry experience, and we have powerful hardware and software strength. Till now, we have won wide praises from our customers with our good services. Our slogan is “100% Light Your Success in Power Bank Sharing Business“, and many of our customers have earned much money in this industry with our help.

Actually, except online searching means, you can find many suppliers via offline searching means. Next, let’s have a look at methods of searching suppliers offline~

Part 3: Find power bank station suppliers offline.

As for offline means, you can find suppliers mainly via exhibitions and friends’ recommendation.

1. Find power bank station suppliers via exhibitions.

Various exhibitions are held around the world irregularly every year. Exhibition organizers will arrange suitable booths for all exhibiting companies individually. These exhibiting companies will decorate their booths in advance, and show their own featured products for visitors at their booths on schedule.

For instance, HeyCharge joined the 15th edition of China Home Life in Dubai from 19th to 21th December 2023, made good communications with many visitors, won their believes, and reached cooperation successfully.

Advantages: as for each exhibition, hundreds of suppliers may join in at least. You can compare many suppliers at once, communicate with them face to face, so convenient!

Disadvantages: you need to arrive at the designated exhibition hall on time to participate in that exhibition. During that period, some travel expenses and time costs may be incurred.

15th dubai exhibition

2. Ask your friends to recommend reliable suppliers.

If you have connections in this power bank sharing business, you can ask your reliable friends in this industry to recommend good suppliers for you.

Advantages: Friends are relatively familiar with each other so suppliers recommended by reliable friends are generally reliable, too. With their reliable recommendations, you can save much time and energy on the supplier screening step. Strictly speaking, friends’ recommendation is the most reliable and easy means.

Disadvantages: you may not happen to have such friends in this power bank sharing industry.

Till now, you may have already known what kinds of suppliers you are looking for, how to find them and list them as a supplier analyzing list, and how to further screen that supplier analyzing list according to the actual market and your own conditions, to determine eventual suppliers. Then, do you know how to cooperate your determined suppliers efficiently? Continue reading, and find your answers.

Part 4: How to cooperate with power bank station suppliers?

Generally speaking, there will be no problem if you take the following steps for reference to cooperate with your suppliers.

Step 1: Discuss power bank sharing customization plans and details.

You can prepare all requirements and make them as a list for your suppliers, and ask your suppliers to make several tailored solutions for you. Then you can select the most cost-effective solution after discussion. Finally, optimize solution details.

Step 2: Prepare detailed design files and complete the to-do-list.

You can offer detailed design files of the parts you need to customize, for your suppliers, so that they can customize your products smoothly. The customizable parts usually include shell color and printing of stations and power banks, UI interface of the software, etc.

UI interface of the software

Besides, you need to complete the to-do-list from your suppliers, which includes all necessary materials you need to prepare in advance.

Step 3: Produce samples and confirm qualification.

After confirmation of all details, suppliers would produce samples for you first, then take photos for you to judge if the samples perfectly comply with your requirements. As for the software(including the power bank sharing admin system and power bank sharing client solutions), when they are done, you would get a test link to check them, and release them if there is no problem.

Step 4: Mass production.

If samples are qualified, it’s time for your suppliers to conduct the mass production based on your confirmed power bank station and battery samples. If the customizing details are not complicated, HeyCharge and finish production within a week. Therefore, if you want to start your shared power bank business sooner, you can choose us!

Step 5: Inspect and deliver goods.

When all your products are well packed, your suppliers will take photos for you to check and confirm. Or you can ask the 3rd party organization to check the products. After confirmation, we would deliver the products to your forwarder for transportation.

By the way, HeyCharge also have long-term cooperation forwarders, and we can transport products for you, too, if you need that.


In conclusion, if you are going to find power bank station suppliers, you’d better know this power bank rental industry and your own conditions first, and know what kinds of suppliers to search for.

Next, you can find some suitable suppliers by the online and offline means to mentioned in this article, and make a supplier analyzing list.

Then, take the further screening on that supplier analyzing list to make sure of which suppliers to cooperate, combining the market and your own conditions.

After choosing suppliers, take the cooperation process mentioned at Part 4, you can realize the efficient cooperation with your suppliers with high probability.

Still don’t want to spend much energy on supplier searching by yourselves? No problem, directly click the “Inquire Now” button to contact us now. And we are the one-stop power bank sharing solution supplier who can help you solve all problems for your power bank sharing business. Choose us, less trouble, try now~