48 slots powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader front view
  • 48 slots powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader front view
  • 48 slots powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader side view
  • 48 slots powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader back view
  • 48 slots powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader left side view

HeyCharge Powerbank Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen and Card Reader

HeyCharge Powerbank Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen and Card Reader

Supporting Battery Capacity: 5000mAh | 6000mAh | 7200mAh
Fast charging: Yes | No
Touch screen function: Yes | No
Card Reader:
  • screen with screen
  • without screen
  • white

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Powerbank Kiosk with Screen and Card Reader Specifications

Model: SKCP48

Slots: 48

Power: 200W

Station Dimension: 68cm*62cm*200cm

Screen Size: 43 inch

Station Network: Support 4G/3G/2G

Gross Weight (with wood box): about 88kg

Card Reader weight: about 0.13kg

Screen power: 80W

Station Output: DC12V⎓29A Max

Screen Network: WiFi

Screen Resolution: 1920*1080

Material: Fireproof ABS & Aluminum alloy

Card Reader Dimension: about 6.97cm*12.17cm*1.77cm

Station Input: AC100V-240V 50-60Hz 6.8AMax

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Powerbank Kiosk with Screen and Card Reader Advantages

Tap/Dip/Swipe to Rent

Follow prompts on the card reader, tap to/dip into/swipe through the card reader with the Visa/Mastercard credit card or NFC phone(which enables Apple Pay or Google Pay) to conduct the contactless, chip, or swipe payments respectively. The powerbank kiosk pops up a power bank once the deposit payment succeeds (the bank freezes the pre-authorization amount successfully).

tap to rent on powerbank kiosk 48 slots

Return to Any Powerbank Kiosk

Users can insert the power bank into the empty slot of any station available, to finish return. While returning, the system will charge based on the rental time automatically, and the bank will transfer the users' payments to your collection account, meanwhile, release the remaining pre-authorized amount.

return to any powerbank kiosk

Never Worry even if Users don't Return Power Banks

Set the maximum rental time on the admin system, then the system will deduct the pre-authorized amount as the purchase cost by default once power banks are not returned before timeout.

deduct pre-authorized amount

Set Price Flexibly

Enter the price setting page on the admin system, and set the rental price, maximum rental time, pre-authorized amount, free time...flexibly. Attention please! To prevent losses in case power banks are not returned, you can set pre-authorized amount higher than power banks' price.

set price

Control Screen Remotely

You can remotely upload different Ads to different stations (powerbank kiosks), control the play order and time, via admin system, to maximum benefits.

control 48 slots powerbank kiosk screen remotely

Manage Your Machines and Orders via All-in-one Admin System

Manage all the things via HeyCharge admin system, including the powerbank kiosk position, current status, order details, income report, screen Ads...You can check more details on admin system page.

manage on admin system

Get Passive Income Continuously

As a vending machine, it doesn't need a salesperson. Just wait for massive rentals to continuously flow into your collection account! More powerbank kiosks you deploy, more income you can get~

passive income

Get Stations and Power Banks With Your Own Logo

Support customization. Offer us your design file of your logo and other designs, and we can customize the panel, the shell color and printing, as well as the sticker stuck to the shell for you.

customize logo

Choose Slot Quantities as Needed

Every 4 slots make up of a slot part, and we have several slot selections of a station like 4 slots, 8 slots, 12 slots, 24 slots, 48 slots...

choose station slots

Support Various Card Readers

We support card readers including Stripe, Nayax, PAX, SumUp, present. As for other card readers not mentioned, we can also integrate their payment gateways to your software. Well, you can directly contact us for more details.

support various card readers

Easy to Install

Just connect the power, the powerbank kiosk starts working. No need any other operation.

easy installation

7*24h Customer Service

We offer 7*24 online customer service, and you can ask us for help at any time if you get in trouble.

good customer service

Quality Isn't an Option, It's Our Promise

Each machine needs to pass strict quality tests before being sent out, so the product qualified rate reaches to 99.999%. Even if there is something wrong with the machine, we will send you new products according to the broken quantity for free during the warranty period (1 year for stations, screens, card readers; and 6 months for power banks). ( Attention please! Artificially damaged machines are not within the warranty range.)

promise good quality

Multiple Transportation Means

We transport your goods by express, by air, by sea, by rail, etc. And you can choose that means based on your own destination, acceptable price and transportation time.

multiple transportation means

Powerbank Kiosk Customer Cases

powerbank kiosk at restaurant

HeyCharge powerbank kiosk at restaurant

powerbank kiosk at mall


powerbank kiosk at store


powerbank kiosk at cake store

Cake Store

Personalized Customization

Customization Parts

Customization Details

  • Shell Color | Shape | Printing
  • Any color | According to your demand | Laser engraving
  • Touch Screen Function
  • Can be Added
  • Waterproof Shell
  • Can be customized

Regular Color

48 slots white powerbank kiosk with screen and card reader