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  • 48 slots power bank kiosk front view
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HeyCharge Power Bank Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen and 48 Slots

HeyCharge Power Bank Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen and 48 Slots

Supporting Battery Capacity: 5000mAh | 6000mAh | 7200mAh
Fast charging: Yes | No
Touch screen function: Yes | No
Card Reader:
  • screen with screen
  • without screen
  • white

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Power Bank Kiosk with Screen Specifications

Model: SKC48

Slots: 48

Station Size: 68cm*62cm*200cm

Gross Weight (with wood box): about 88KG

Station Network: Support 4G/3G/2G

Screen Resolution: 1920*1080

Station Output: DC12V⎓29A Max

Power: 350W

Screen Network: WiFi

Material: Fireproof ABS & Aluminum alloy

Screen power: 80W

Screen Size: 43 inch

Station Input: AC100V-240V 50-60Hz 6.8AMax

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Power Bank Kiosk with Screen Advantages

Colorful Breathing Light, Engage Eyes of Passers by and Boost Rental

Colorful breathing light (1 light and 4 lights optional), constantly and causally changing color among red, green, blue, and purple, are charming enough to catch passers-by's eyes instantly, especially at night, so as to boost rental. According to incomplete statistics, the revenue of stations with colorful light is at least 30% higher than that of stations without colorful light, under the same conditions.

48 slots power bank kiosk with breathing light

Auto Temperature Monitoring, Safe to Use

System will actively track the temperature of all power banks inserted. If one (or more) is above/below a certain limit, the power bank kiosk will auto lock that power bank till it returns to normal. This way, you will nip all potential risks in the bud. And it will be safe for both your venue partners and users to use.

temperature monitoring

Lock Status Detection, Avoid Fake Return and Loss

The system can detect whether the power bank returned has been locked, so as to avoid the fake return caused by the blocked locker keyhole because of the blockage, then unnecessary loss will be prevented.

lock status detection

Anti-theft Function, Leave no Chance for Thieves

Power banks' charging function will be activated only when they are rented by the normal rent, or it will be in vain for thieves, even if they take them out by force.

48 slots power bank kiosk with anti-theft function

Advanced OTA System,
Support Remote Firmware Upgrade

HeyCharge has built a proprietary over-the-air (OTA) system for station firmware' remote automated upgrade. That is to say, all our power bank kiosk have the online firmware upgrade function.

remote firmware upgrade

Smart Charging Algorithm, 7.85% Charging Time and 32.95% Temperature Reduced, 10% Using Times Increased

Compared with common charging techniques, HeyCharge' charging algorithm, based on the artificial neural network, can adjust the voltage and current scientifically according to the minimum power level for rental, charging efficiency, charging temperature rise, charging duration, cycle life, so as to reduce the charging time by 7.85%, the average temperature by 32.95%, and increase the using times by 10%.

smart charging algorithm

Intelligent Network Detection, Ensure Optimal Online Rate

Our power bank kiosk are equipped with the proprietary algorithm for the internet environment detection. The system will receive the detection result and switch the network among 4G/3G/2G and WiFi intelligently according to the varied local network signals, so as to promise the stable network and optimal station online rate.

48 slots power bank kiosk with network detection function

Battery State of Health Monitoring, No Need Manual Detection, Time and Labor Saved

The SoH (state of health) monitoring function will monitor the power bank (battery) status in real time and show them on the admin system, with the abnormal data marked red. So you can easily know which battery to replace rather than detect the batteries one by one manually, much time and labor saved!

battery SoH monitor

User Friendly, No Cable Stuck

The user can directly plug the power bank into the station slot. Even if its charging cables are not put back in place, they will not get stuck in the station slot and cause the returning failure anyway. So convenient!

no cable stuck for power bank kiosk

Detect Slots and Inhibit Renting Out Power Banks in Faulty Slots , Avoid Users' Complains

The system will detect the slot status, and power off faulty slots(eg. the slot, spring, or locker is broken and unable to pop up the power bank), so the system will exclude power banks in those slots from the selection range, when it needs to pop up one.  That is to say, users don't have a chance to encounter the embarrassing situation that the slot can't pop up a power bank at all, so you will not receive such complains, either.

48 slots power bank kiosk slot detection function

Module Design, Easy to Maintain

A power bank kiosk is composed by slots, locker, spring, and mainboard. Each part is independent. So each part can be replaced and maintained easily.

module design

Fireproof Shell, Protect Safety of Life and Property

The station and power bank shell is made of flame-retardant materials which will not catch fire. So potential safety hazards will be eliminated, and personal and property safety of users and venue partners properly ensured.

48 slots fireproof power bank kiosk with screen

Power Bank Kiosk Customer Cases

power bank kiosk at restaurant

HeyCharge power bank kiosk at Restaurant

power bank kiosk at mall


power bank kiosk at store


power bank kiosk at cake store

Cake Store

Personalized Customization

Customization Parts

Customization Details

  • Shell Color | Shape | Printing
  • Any color | According to your demand | Laser engraving
  • Touch Screen Function
  • Can be Added
  • Card Reader (POS Terminal)
  • Can be Added
  • Waterproof Shell
  • Can be customized

Regular Color

48 slots white power bank kiosk