How to Lay out Power Bank Rental Venues? [4 Steps]

Operation Manager
May 24, 2024

How to lay out power bank rental venues?

Step 1: Make sure where to lay out your power bank rental venues.

Step 2: Select appropriate power bank rental stations for different venues.

Step 3: Arrange how many stations to place at each venues.

Step 4: Maintain your present station venue network.

If you want to do your power bank rental business well, high quality hardware and mature software are essential. Besides, to lay out power bank rental venues scientifically is also critical. Without good power bank rental venue layout, you are likely not be able to reach your expected effect even if you have excellent equipment, software, resources, and connections. What a pity, isn’t it?

In this blog, we would discuss how to lay out power bank rental venues, including where to place your power bank stations, which station models to choose, how many stations to deploy at each venues, and how to maintain these stations… to help you run power bank sharing business better.

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lay out power bank rental venues

Firstly, you can view the following table of contents to know the general structure of this blog, and click that part you have interests in to jump to start aiming reading.

In general, to lay out power bank rental venues (related reading: What is Power Bank Sharing? [Full Introduction] ), here are mainly 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Make sure where to lay out your power bank rental venues.

To make sure where to lay out your power bank rental venues, you need to confirm the 4 aspects as follows:

1. Determine power bank station deployment range.

If you deploy your power bank rental stations randomly without any defined range, the station venues would be scattered and irregular, and there will not be good user experience (it would be not easy to find stations to rent and return). Then it would be hard to earn money on this power bank sharing business.

Well, you can define the power bank station layout range according to the following method:

Firstly, choose target countries according to the power bank sharing market. You can do the market survey, then pick your familiar countries with few power bank rental competitors.

Secondly, define the deployment areas. Areas with more population, prosperous economy, your resources and connections, etc., would be better choices, because your power bank rental business will go more smoothly in these areas.

Finally, lock deploying range. You may not have that economic strength to support such huge investment if your station deployment range is too wide. And it may be hard to make money if that range is too narrow, because your aimed power bank renting users will be too few in such small range. So you’d better make sure of that range according to your actual business demand and your budget.

how to determine power bank station deployment range

Well, if you have any problems about the deployment range, you can directly consult us by clicking the following “Inquire Now” button.

2. Choose suitable station venue types.

Having known the deployment range, it’s time to choose suitable power bank rental venue types. Well, how many venue types are there?

According to the venue nature, station venue types generally include public places, commercial areas, and entertainment places.

Public places refer to libraries, train stations, bus stations, gas stations, parks, tourist attractions, public hospitals, gymnasiums (or stadiums)…

Main commercial areas are beauty salons, cinemas, malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, gyms, hotels, theme parks…

entertainment places mainly include bars, nightclubs, Internet cafes, KTV, amusement parks, clubs, casinos, ski resorts…

Many people usually visit these places and spend some time (not short) here and there are meant to be charging demand, so you can consider these places into consideration when you choose your power bank rental venues, and you would make good profits.

power bank rental venue types

According to the venue scale, venues are mainly divided into large venues, medium and large venues, medium venues, small and medium venues, small venues, etc. Larger venues are, more people they can accommodate, and more flowing visitors there would be. You are more likely to earn money at such venues with more flowing visitors, so you need to take visitors flow into consideration when you choose the station venue type.

Besides, you can have a look at your existing resources and connections to check which venues are promising for cooperation, then choose the suitable venues. After all, it will be no vain, if you can’t reach cooperation with aiming venues (even if these venues are very suitable).

3. Plan layout density.

Now you have decided your power bank station deployment range and venue types, you need to place your stations in suitable density. Why? It is because that users can’t get to the closest venue soon to return their rented power banks if the venue layout density is too low, which may cause much complain about returning inconvenience and further cause the rental number decrease; while it may cause the the waste of resources if the density is too high.

Therefore, it is important to handle the venue layout density. Generally speaking, the distance between every 2 stations can be from 300m-1000m. You can take this range for reference, and make a comprehensive judgment based on the actual local conditions.

plan power bank rental venue layout density

4. Place stations at right positions.

Having determined the station deployment range, venue types, and layout density, you need to know where you should place your stations at each venues to get the most rentals.

As we know, rentals and visitors flow are tightly related, so it would help you attract the most visitors flow and win most rentals and income if you put your power bank stations at positions people must pass. Take the mall for an example, the common positions people must pass include the mall entrances, entrances of the most popular stores or restaurants at the mall, corners of the mall escalators, positions next to children’s amusement facilities…

By now, we have make it clear where to lay out the power bank rental venues. Next, we need to place different power bank rental stations at different venue types, because different stations can bring distinct operation effects.

Step 2: Select appropriate power bank rental stations for different venues.HOT!

Generally, we can select the eventual station types according to venues’ visitors flow and environment.

1. Confirm station slots according to venue’s visitors flow.

There are usually more charging demand at venues with much visitors flow, so you can select the power bank kiosks with more slots to fit the huge power bank renting demand.

HeyCharge various power bank kiosks

HeyCharge power bank kiosks have 24 slots, 48 slots optional, enough to fit the rental demand. Besides, our power bank kiosks with LCD ads screen can win you both rental income and extra ads income. Great, isn’t it? Want to know more details about our kiosks? Tap the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us now~

2. Pick station shapes and functions via venue circumstances.

In general, basic rent and return functions can already meet users’ needs. As for shapes and other functions, you can choose your preferred ones. However, there are some special requirements for station shapes and functions at some venues such as nightclubs, KTV, bars, outdoor places etc., for the business demand.

At venues like nightclubs, KTV, and bars, the light is usually dim to enhance the atmosphere. Power bank rental stations at these venues need to be equipped with breathing lights to make themselves conspicuous and attractive enough to be easily found by potential users, or it would be embarrassing if users can’t find these stations anywhere under in dimly lit environment.

At outdoor venues like parks, playgrounds, tourist attractions, ski resorts, etc., stations need stand the hot sun, heavy rain, snow, wind, extreme temperature… So they need to run normally under various weather.

Either at dim lit venues or outdoor venues, HeyCharge has corresponding stations which can perfectly fit the demand. All our rental power banks are equipped with attractive breathing lights, you never need to worry about the light problem, and users are bound to find them easily either at day or night, dark or bright environment.

As for outdoor venues, HeyCharge outdoor power bank kiosks can absolutely suitable to be deployed at your aiming power bank rental venues.

HeyCharge Outdoor Power Bank Mobile Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen

HeyCharge Outdoor Power Bank Mobile Kiosk with LCD Ads Screen and 24 Slots

  • waterproof
  • extreme temperature resistant
  • high brightness screen
  • colorful breathing light
  • support customization
  • fireproof
  • explosion-proof
  • anti-theft

Step 3: Arrange how many stations to place at each venues.

Having determined power bank rental station deployment range, venue types, layout density, placing positions, and station models, you need to make sure of the station quantities to be placed at each venues, according to the actual rental demand and your own strength.

1. Decide station quantity to deploy by rental demand.

As for venues with huge visitors flow such as train stations, shopping malls, stadiums, cinemas, libraries, theme parks, etc., you can place 2-3 kiosks at each entrances, 1-2 kiosks at at the corner of the escalator, and 1-2 kiosks at other positions people must pass. In this way, the huge rental demand can be satisfied, and rental pressure can be effectively dispersed meanwhile, so as to improve the rental efficiency.

About venues without much visitors flow like cafes, Internet cafes, gyms, etc., you can put 1-2 stackable power bank stations at the entrance.

Regarding venues with medium visitors flow like hotels, supermarkets, nightclubs, etc., the rental demand is also good, you can deploy 1-2 kiosks at the entrance, 2-3 stackable shared power banks scattered inside. Attention please, hotel rooms belong to private space, you can place 1-2 HeyCharge password power banks at each room. Then customers who didn’t take personal power banks with them can charge their phones directly at their rooms with the password power banks, no need to go out to find a power bank rental station.

HeyCharge password power bank suitable for hotel rooms

Want to know more details about HeyCharge password power banks? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to directly consult us now~

2. Take your own strength into consideration.

Except the actual rental demand, your own economic strength is also one of the main factors of deciding how many stations to deploy. If your startup capital is not so much, you can start with fewer stations or stations with fewer slots so you can have sufficient capital for customer service, to increase users’ stickiness. When you earn more money, you can deploy more stations to expand your power bank sharing business.

You can deploy 4slots or 8slots stackable desktop shared power banks first. When the your income gets more and more, you can directly add slot parts to your former stations. You yourselves can install them, very simple. And your former station won’t be idle, much resources and cost saved!

heycharge stackable desktop shared power banks 6 | 8 slots

In fact, having laid out your offline power bank rental venues, you need to maintain these venues well so as to make the layout take best effects. If stations at some venues break down and get offline, the layout (also called the station venue network) will be broken, and the expected effects won’t be reached. Next, let’s have a look at how to maintain the established layout~

Step 4: Maintain your present station venue network.

If you want to maintain your station venue network well, you need take advantage of power bank sharing admin system to check the station operation status and data reports., then make the corresponding strategies according to the data analytics.

1. Monitor station operation status, and promise 100% online rate.

HeyCharge power bank sharing admin system can show the status of all stations, and you can notice if the online station quantities are not correct in time and solve problems, so as to promise 100% station online rate.

2. Regularly check data reports and adjust station models, quantity, and position in time.

HeyCharge admin system can show all order details, and generate various data reports automatically. You can check these data reports regularly to observe if the supply and demand are balanced.

If stations at some venues don’t attract few rentals during a whole day, while power banks of station at some other venues are nearly rented out during a short time every day which means the power banks at these venues are insufficient obviously. Then you can move 1-2 stations from venues with few rentals to the venues with many rentals, to balance the supply and demand.

HeyCharge power bank sharing admin system


In conclusion, if you want to make much money in this power bank sharing industry, it is vital to have a reasonable station venue layout. You can lay out your own power bank rental venues to speed up your success in power bank sharing business.

As a power bank power bank sharing solution provider (related reading: How to Find Power bank Station Suppliers?[Solved]) with 7 years experience in this industry, HeyCharge can help you make perfect deployment plan absolutely, and provide you with corresponding hardware, software, and 7*24h customer service. Click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us, and we would help you start your power bank sharing business more quickly!